Doremus is a global agency that helps
businesses think, communicate, lead.

We created the world's most watched corporate video.

With over 14 million views on YouTube (and counting!), “A Day Made of Glass,” a corporate vision video created by Doremus for Corning Incorporated, showcases how tech breakthroughs in modern glass can enhance a family’s life, in the not-so-distant future.

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We focus on the business of the brand.

We're specialists in a world of generalists. We think business and talk business to people in business. While other agencies focus exclusively on the marketing of the brand, we distinguish ourselves by focusing on the business of the brand, developing communication strategies across multiple stakeholders to advance outcomes.

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We make the complex compelling.

We prize creativity. No matter how complicated a company’s product or service, there are gold nuggets in there. Turning those nuggets into great creative is what makes a customer say, “You guys get me.” Our client Knight Capital Group uses algorithms to execute more electronic trades than the NYSE and NASDAQ combined. We accessed their enormous pool of trading data and turned it into eye-popping algorithmic art.

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We start the conversation.

In this, the Information Age, a company that doesn’t listen and respond to customers, employees, shareholders, and thought leaders risks becoming irrelevant. That’s particularly true when there is an important conversation to be had, as in the aftermath of the global economic collapse. For financial services client Russell Investments, opening a dialogue made all the sense in the world—especially at Davos.

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We think businesses are people, too.

We speak human to human, not monolithic entity to monolithic entity. Your customer is a consumer receptive to rational data, emotional appeals, even entertainment value. For Brocade, a software client whose target audience tends to like science fiction and fantasy, we created a superhero, DCX Man, complete with comic book, online games and live events. IT guys clamored for the Brocade DCX Man action figure.

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We think business leaders are optimists.

Doesn’t matter what’s going on out there, business leaders are planning for a brighter tomorrow. That’s what they do. We help them communicate their message. For biopharmaceutical services company Quintiles, we treated the costly and much-scrutinized world of drug and biologic development with a forward-thinking approach that turns this complex environment to advantage.

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We create mandates.

Mandates are powerful. They define our values. They declare our ambitions. And they speak to multiple audiences, whether they’re customers, shareholders, employees, pundits or members of Congress. For our client FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, we developed a mandate that reflects their mission of protecting ordinary investors. With everyday people and everyday stories, FINRA is putting a human face on their mandate to protect.

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We find new insights.

Insight is vital to differentiation. We don’t wait for it to arrive—we go out and track it down, with in-depth proprietary research on everything from C-suite attitudes to particular vertical industries. For instance, our Retiring Retirement study looks at the paradoxical expectations of baby boomers approaching retirement (boomers are both optimistic and terrified), while our Communications in Crisis research tracks how companies have responded to the economic meltdown in their communications, and which messaging works best.

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We like smart people.

Without the right strategy in place, you’re wasting your money. That’s why we like smart people, whatever their titles. Smart people look at your business with a strategic eye, from the big issues down to the nuts and bolts. Fielding an unusual team—like a creative and a management consultant—is one way to put smart people to work for you. That’s what Doremus London did for Danish industrial manufacturer Danfoss, turning fresh insights into strong work.

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We think good ideas are contagious.

The best ideas travel. People talk about them and pass them on. That’s free media. Which means, of course, that you can’t buy it—you have to earn it. We did just that for Hewlett-Packard, turning an old school “Trade-In and Save” hardware offer into a humorous viral video series about breaking up with your old printer. Results exceeded HP’s average by about 130 percent.

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We are globally networked.

A lot of agencies toss around the word “global.” We think it’s how you’re global that matters. Doremus has offices in New York, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and San Francisco, as well as a planetful of strategic relationships. But more importantly, we actually talk to each other. We know our global co-workers and partners. In short, we’re a networked network. For CFA Institute, a client working to establish a single accreditation standard for financial analysts around the world, a truly global network was paramount.

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